Our Strategy

Steps to a Successful Church Plant

Step 1

The church planter will meet with prospective individuals who have shown interest in partnering with Salem Anglican in order to share the vision and answer questions.

Step 2

The church planter will begin holding weekly meetings in a home with those who are interested in partnering with Salem Anglican to plant a new ACNA church. The purpose of these meetings will be to build relationships, pray, and continue to share the vision. Growth occurs by spreading the word and inviting new people to attend.

Step 3

Once we have six to twelve people who are willing to commit to being part of the church planting team, the group will begin meeting in a public space and the process of becoming an official parish will begin. The work of the church planting team includes naming the new church, deciding on the location of the new church, establishing the missional strategy of the new church and other important tasks. A church launching team will also be established which includes all of the volunteers needed to run a typical worship service.

Step 4

Once the process of the church planting team is complete, a new parish will be officially launched to the public. A vestry is called to help lead the new parish and an annual budget is established. It is time to celebrate.