Salem Anglican is Moving!

I am pleased to announce that Salem Anglican will be moving its Saturday night service of Evening Prayer to Trinity Covenant Church beginning on Saturday, May 19th. Trinity’s address is 5020 Liberty RD S, Salem, OR, 97306. Salem Anglican will continue to meet every Saturday night from 5-7 p.m. for dinner, fellowship, and the liturgy for Evening Prayer from our Book of Common Prayer. However, we will also be moving to a Eucharistic service once per month on the first Saturday of the month instead of our regular Evening Prayer service.

Salem Anglican will celebrate its arrival to its new meeting space with a Eucharist since May 19th is also the eve of Pentecost Sunday. The meal will be a potluck with Salem Anglican providing the main course while others provide the side dishes. In our new meeting space, we will prepare our food in the kitchen which is adjacent to a gym where we will eat and our children will have room to run and release their energy. After meal time, adults and children old enough to read will move to the Fireside Room for worship while young children will go to a room across the hall for an age appropriate program. During a Eucharistic service, we will all begin in the Fireside Room and the young children will be dismissed during the liturgy of the word, only to be included again for the Eucharistic liturgy. We will also have a nursery available to us if needed. I hope you can come join us on a Saturday night real soon.

Salem Anglican looks forward to the day when it will plant a new church, with a new name, that meets every Sunday morning in its own space for the celebration of the Eucharist. Until then, we continue to take baby steps towards this goal. Our current church planting goal is to build a financial base and a leadership team that will help us plant a new Anglican Church for Salem.

May the peace of the Lord be with You,

Rev. Jason Clark
Deacon/Church Planter
Anglican Church in North America

2 thoughts on “Salem Anglican is Moving!

    1. Great, we would love for anyone to come and be a part. Join us this evening for prayer from 5-7 p.m. or fill out our contact form and I will personally give you an email or phone call depending on which you prefer.


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